Paisley Flag

This fantastic Paisley flag was premiered on the Kop in the game vs Fulham on 22nd of November 2008. The picture above is from Liverpool - Marseille in the Champions League, which followed the Fulham game.

The flag was organised and funded by the forumites on Dave (Souey's tache), member of the OTK donated his painting to be used.

A superb "monument" to the great man on the Kop!

Click both images to get a larger resolution

Sir Bob quote

Bill Shankly spent his first Saturday afternoon in retirement watching his local home match, Everton - Derby County. Meanwhile Liverpool were playing at Luton and when the press asked Bob Paisley what Shankly was doing this particular afternoon, he replied: "He's trying to get right away from football. I believe he went to Everton."

Bob Paisley showed on more than one occasion that he was a very funny man

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