Liverpool manager statistics

Competition Total Won Draw Lost Goals for Goals against
Grand Total 535 308 131 96 955 406
League 378 212 99 67 648 294
FA Cup 36 20 7 9 62 27
League Cup 53 32 13 8 98 31
Europe 61 39 11 11 140 49
Other 7 5 1 1 7 5

* Please note that matches that are won or lost in a penalty shoot-out are counted as a draw in those numbers.

Sir Bob quote

"I met him when I was a kid, I was suffering with Glandular fever and had been off school for ages. As I recovered my mum took me to Anfield to get a load of autographs of the players. Bob pulled up in his brown Rover 3500. As he got out I walked up and politely asked him if he would sign my book. He looked at me and asked why I wasn't in school. (he did sign the book and I still have it) He was a great man, a humble man. In my opinion the greatest manager ever. I can't see why the club cannot build a statue of him. It's not as if the fans wouldn't contribute."

Dave Usher -

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