Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 252 25 277
1945-1946 0 4 4
1946-1947 33 6 39
1947-1948 37 2 39
1948-1949 36 4 40
1949-1950 23 5 28
1950-1951 41 1 42
1951-1952 37 3 40
1952-1953 26 0 26
1953-1954 19 0 19

Split by opponents

Games Team
16 Bolton Wanderers
15 Manchester United
14 Derby
13 Middlesbrough
12 Sunderland
12 Chelsea
12 Blackpool
12 Burnley
11 Aston Villa
11 Charlton Athletic
11 Stoke City
11 Wolves
10 Huddersfield Town
10 Newcastle United
10 Arsenal
10 WBA
10 Everton
9 Manchester City
9 Portsmouth
8 Preston North End
7 Sheffield United
5 Blackburn Rovers
5 Birmingham City
5 Sheffield Wednesday
5 Grimsby Town
4 Tottenham
4 Fulham
3 Nottingham Forest
2 Cardiff City
2 Brentford
2 Chester City
1 Workington
1 Notts County
1 Exeter City
1 Stockport County
1 Walsall
1 Leeds United
1 Norwich City

Sir Bob quote

"Bob had taken over from this God-like man Bill Shankly. Bob got used to the job and his association with Geoff Twentyman to bring in talented kids paid dividends and another man who was important to Bob Paisley was Tom Saunders. He confided in him with whom he was going to replace Kevin Keegan with in '77. It transformed the club again. He was never afraid. What I liked about Bob that he was never afraid to break up a winning formula. Whatever he achieved he was always looking to strengthen. We knew we were going to get a new face in pre-season. I signed in October. Ray Kennedy had been brought in the summer as Bill Shankly's last signing. Terry Mac came after me. An established player in midfield, runs ahead of the ball. Then there would be another one before the end of the season, usually before March. That was the pattern every year. Whatever you won you knew somebody was going to come in and take your place. You could either stay and fight or as I saw other people just leave. Joey Jones left when Alan Kennedy arrived. Soon as Ray Clemence knew Brucie was in the frame he was off. Steve Nicol was bought in '81. He was after my shirt. They brought Souness in, the team got better. Lawrenson came in, you're getting better. He used to bring in good people. They were not fly-by-knights which was an expression Bob used to use. They'll be focused."

Phil Neal in an exclusive interview with

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