Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 10 3 13
1945-1946 0 0 0
1946-1947 0 0 0
1947-1948 1 0 1
1948-1949 1 1 2
1949-1950 1 1 2
1950-1951 1 0 1
1951-1952 2 1 3
1952-1953 2 0 2
1953-1954 2 0 2

Split by opponents

Games Team
2 Portsmouth
2 Wolves
1 Sheffield Wednesday
1 Stoke City
1 Sunderland
1 Aston Villa
1 Newcastle United
1 Nottingham Forest
1 Everton

Sir Bob quote

"Whenever anyone ever starts on about just how good any manager is or was, I always get slightly frustrated, then I realise it doesn’t really matter too much. Because I know the truth. I watched it happen. As someone who isn’t a scouser, was never really a fan of Liverpool as a kid, even when Shankly was about. What I saw, unfolding right before my eyes, so that even I could grasp was the sight of someone moulding and forming the best set of teams ever to grace the game. He altered all of it; from the way the players physically became slimmer and lither than the past, to their astounding fitness levels, to the tactics he employed. I’ve seen the lot in my time: all the great teams; all the great players. All of them. And not one manager could make great team after great team like Bob Paisley could. Look at his record.

So let others go on about Sir Alex and everyone else they want to hold up as an example. It doesn’t really matter. Because like the jockey who rode the amazing Secretariat said once, ‘Personally, I never get involved when people start talking about greatness. Because none of them who ever talk about it, ever rode this horse. I did. I know‘ And that’s how I feel still. I’m nearly 60 now and I’m not likely to see a football manager again who could hold a candle to Bob Paisley. Let others yak on and talk. I know he was the best I’ll ever see in my life. I know.“

Liverpool fan Chris Hayes

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